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  2. Welcome to Mansion Stairs

    MansionTM Stairs, top brand in modular steel stairs field.

    We're a custom stairs manufacturer concentrating on staircases with steel structure, especially spiral stairs, glass stairs, steel wood stairs.

    We offer personal service and advice on stairs solution to each customers.

    Our craftsmen and designers are exactly professional stairs people with 8-year experience since 2003. Every staircase is individually made to clients needs with our complete in-house design.

    We apply care and attention to details as much as possible to stairs we design and build.
    MansionTM stairs, located in Hangzhou China, is authorized to export stairs and balustrade by China Customs.

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    • Dear Augusts , I hope you doing fine . I had corrected the problem, by using file papers to clean the stain then paint them again using cars paint . Things are ok so far . Here is photo of the stair , please put it in your website , I want to be proud of it in front of my friend , and it is a nice reference for your company. Thanks Best regards Aljamosy
    • Glass Steel Staircase

    Free Inquire

    • Any time, Any way, Heartly Welcome!

      Email:  design@mmstairs.com    
      Tel:  +86-571-89001127
      Fax:  +86-572-6087820
      Skype: staircase46918
      MSN: staircase2003@hotmail.com




    Address: Changxing Lincheng Industrial Zone, Huzhou, China 311113     Tel: +86-571-89001127  Fax: +86-572-6087820  mail to: design@mmstairs.com

    Copyright ©2010 Hangzhou Mansion Material Co., Ltd. All rights reserved

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